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Sands of Luce Stranraer

Sands of Luce is our first choice in those rare easterly winds.

Absolutely breath taking scenery the whole way down the coast from Troon. Be sure to leave some extra time, allowing for pit time to enjoy the views 

The spot works well in all tides but is generally less choppy when the tide is low with some real nice lagoons as the tide comes in and out. 

Nice shallow waist deep location with a pretty constant water depth for miles, becoming out of depth more so at high tide.

The local kitesurfing scene is really friendly. Jac and Amy who own the Sands of Luce holiday park are both keen Kitesurfers and are usually always there to lend a helping hand if needs be.

Check out the website and see the range of accommodation that is available. Why not make it a trip out of it? 

• Direction - E,SE 

Wind speed - Forecast (Please refer to weather app)


• Water ConditionsWaist deep, choppy         with decent sized waves further out. Flat as tide goes in and out.

• School - Kitesurf Scotland.


• Hazards - You have a small couple of rocks down the very far right hand side of the bay (if you looking out to sea). 

High tide there is not a great deal of beach so remain vigilant and stay safe. Luce bay is a super safe spot with not to many hazards, but alway check it with Jac at reception and he will be more than happy to inform you of the conditions/hazards

Forecasts and Live weather reports 

Xcweather - is the most reliable and favourable with the school and locals, simply click the link for direct result 

Kitesurf Scotland - Providing lessons from beginner to advance level 7 days per week. Feel free to email or call and we will be more than happy to meet you show you around the spot!


Kitesurfing communities within Troon (Also Covers Luce)

The kitesurfing community in Troon is one of the biggest in Scotland. We can almost guarantee that if there is wind someone will be kitesurfing! Most kitesurfers will post in the local facebook community page

Kitesurf Session Troon - Who When Where

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