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Advanced Coaching
(weekday or weekend course)
£60 ph

What will you learn?

  • Riding up wind - Riding up wind is the key to becoming a advanced kitesurfer. It can be a little tricky but with a few simple tips it does not take long to have it nailed! 

  • Turning - Fancy learning how to turn without falling into the water? This is probably the most satisfying thing to achieve once you have finished your lessons.

  • Riding Toeside  - Ready to add some style? Riding toeside is one of those tricks that opens many doors for you once accomplished!

  • Carves - Sliding to toeside then doing a big carve in the water when changing your direction!

And much much more!! 

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Please read the Terms & Conditions before booking.  Please note that kitesurfing is a wind dependent sport and as such we try to work with you on dates, however this is not always possible.  As with all weather dependent sports a certain amount of time flexibility is required to learn to Kitesurf

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