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Terms and conditions

1. No course booking is confirmed before a payment on the course is received (or otherwise agreed with a member of staff).


2. The student may cancel the booking at any time up to 48 hours (2 Days) after the payment paid date by notifying Kitesurf Scotland whereupon the full payment will be returned, less the Paypal administrative charge and a £10 Kitesurf Scotland administrative charge.  Cancellation thereafter will incur the loss of the course fee and no refund will be given on any cancellation.  


3. If a student fails to attend an arranged course then the student will forfeit their course fee.   


4. Kitesurf Scotland will provide tuition and all of the equipment required for the student to undertake the course.


5. The student must accept that all courses are weather dependent and that this may adversely affect your course.


6. If in the judgment of Kitesurf Scotland a course is unable to start due to the weather conditions, or because safety could be compromised for any reason, students will be offered a time credit in respect of any days owed to them by Kitesurf Scotland.  It is then the responsibility of the student to contact Kitesurf Scotland within 3 months to re-arrange their booking.  No refunds will be paid.


7. In the event of a course that has started being abandoned through changing weather conditions, students will be offered the remaining time left on the course. It is the responsibility of the student to contact Kitesurf Scotland to confirm the timing of infill places.  There will be no refund of any part of the course cost.  A two month time limit applies on the completion of all part-completed courses.


8. All decisions regarding the running or cancellation of any course are at the absolute discretion of Kitesurf Scotland whose decision shall be final.


9. Students must be aware that kitesurfing is potentially dangerous and is undertaken entirely at the students own risk.


10. Students are required to notify Kitesurf Scotland on the waiver form at the time of the course commencing of any medical conditions suffered by them that may be relevant to the activity to be undertaken on the course.  All information given will be treated with strict confidentiality.


11.  Students have until the end of the season (October 31st) to complete their course regardless of when the booking was made, unless otherwise agreed with Kitesurf Scotland.

If agreed with Kitesurf Scotland and the course continues onto the following season the students MUST get in contact with Kitesurf Scotland at the Start of the season. No Later than 30th April or the booking becomes invalid


12.  All purchased gift voucher courses must be booked no later than the booking date shown on the voucher otherwise it becomes invalid.  All gift vouchers must be presented on the day of the course.


13.  It is the students responsibility to get in contact with Kitesurf Scotland to book their course and all courses must be completed before the end of the season (October 31st) unless stated and agreed differently with Kitesurf Scotland 





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