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3 Day Kitesurfing Course
1:1 raio

What will you learn?

  • Risk assessment - Every time you come down to the beach you will do a risk assessment, even after your lessons once you are independent.

  • Theory of the flying, wind windowTheory of how the kite flies and wind window. 

  • Kite/control systems set up - Learn how to set up your kite and control systems the correct way. 

  • Safety SystemsKites these day's are incredibly safe, you will learn the 3 safety systems on your control system.

  • Flying the Kite  Flying the kite is the most important part of kitesurfing. You will learn how to pilot the kite and gain control. 

  • Water RelaunchLearn how to relaunch the kite from the water safely.

  • Body draggingUsing your kite to drag you through the water.

  • Board RecoveryLearn how to get your board back if you fall off.

  • Waterstarts Learn how to ride! and advanced techniques!


Please read the Terms & Conditions before booking.  Please note that kitesurfing is a wind dependent sport and as such we try to work with you on dates, however this is not always possible.  As with all weather dependent sports a certain amount of time flexibility is required to learn to Kitesurf

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