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Kitesurfing beach Guide - Kitesurfing locations west/south west scotland 

Welcome to the Kitesurfing Beach Guide for the South West Coast of Scotland - here you will find all the information you need to know about some of the best kitesurfing locations around the south west. 

We always recommend that your try and source some local knowledge before venturing out to a new location for the first time. Below is a list some reliable sources: 


Speak to the Kiteschool that is local in that area. Here at Kitesurf Scotland we are more than happy to help! So give us a call.


Locals. There is no better knowledge than that of the locals.. If you are new to a location dont be shy, go talk to other kitesurfers and find out what hazards there are. 


Coastguard/Lifeboat - The most knowledge source when it comes to sea, weather and safety.

Kitesurfing spots on the West Coast of Scotland 



(South Beach)

South beach is a kitesurfers paradise suitable for all levels of riders.

Only 2 minutes from Town centre....


Barassie (North Beach)

North Beach is just on the other side of Troon town and is only a 5 minutes max drive from South Beach....


Sands of Luce 


Sands Of Luce Caravan Park, 20 minutes past stranraer (1.5hr South of Troon)  suitable in easterly conditions...

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