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Learn to Foil with us!!

Fancy being able to kitesurf  almost every single day? 

Foiling is a completer game changer for any kitesurfer, from as little as 8 knots you can get be flying about! Whats not to love?? 

Advantages of Foiling..... 

Upwind- go up wind like never before without doing numerous tacks like you have to do on a twin tip. 

Light winds- You can foil comfortably on a 12m kite in 8- 10 knots and still feel powered up. 

Effortless-Due to there being almost no drag in the water the ride is a lot smoother and less demanding than that of a twin tip. Foiling is the most therapeutic feeling there is Kitesurfing, the complete silence and freedom you have while riding is something that can not be described ...... 

If you would like to know more feel free to email us!

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