1 Day Kitesurfing Course

(weekend course)



Our 1 day taster and improver courses are a great value course that offers students a thorough introduction into the world of kitesurfing.  This course is an absolute necessity if you are wanting to kitesurf safely or even as a refresher if you have been away from the sport for a while. On this course you will practice various skills on land that will transfer to the water.  


The refresher courses are specifically spent refreshing board start skills on the water however we generally tailor the course to every individual.   


Skills covered on the Taster day include:


  • assessing the wind and the physical location

  • flying our awesome foil kites and learning the wind window

  • flying our leading edge inflatable kitesurfing kites

  • managing the proper equipment set up of a kitesurfing kite

  • learning and operating the safety systems on modern kitesurfing kites

  • Body dragging in the water using the LEI kitesurfing kites

  • Upwind body dragging in the water (Board Recovery) 



During your day 1 course you will be shown how to gain power and body drag through the water with control downwind. When you have learned these techniques you will have become more comfortable and familiar with the equipment and many of the skills necessary to become a safe kitesurfer. It is an intensive day but we absolutely promise you will have great fun! 


This 1 day lesson is designed to lead you straight onto Day 2 which is all about getting up on that board!.. See below video..



















If you wish to pay by Debit/Credit card simply click on the 'Buy Now' button  and click 'login as guest'. 


Please read the Terms and Conditions before booking. Please note that kitesurfing is a wind dependent sport and as such we try to work with you on dates, however this is not always possible.  As with all weather dependent sports a certain amount of time flexibility is required to learn to Kitesurf.